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Come say hello to us this weekend at Philcon! Philcon is the Philadelphia area’s annual science fiction conference. The Leftscape isn’t on the bill in an official capacity, but Philcon is one of Wendy’s favorite annual events. Look for Wendy’s table in Artists Alley, where she’ll have lots of new work for sale including some very cute hand-drawn ornaments for the holidays. Robin is hoping to make a cameo appearance at some point as well for some impromptu Leftscape hangout and conversation time. It’s going to be fun to be back where we launched our Patreon in 2019.

Check out the Philcon website, come ready with a mask and proof of vaccination, and join the fun! Follow us @leftscape on Twitter for details and updates.

Show Wendy a copy of this newsletter for a special gift at her vendor table!

November 19-21
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ


 Wendy and Robin 


Leftscape Latest


The Four Cards of Acceptance (Episode 111)

Christiana GaudetChristiana Gaudet began reading tarot professionally in Putnam, Connecticut in 1994. She now offers private readings from her office in Palm City, Florida and serves a worldwide clientele remotely. She is the author of Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know and Tarot Tour Guide: Tarot, The Four Elements, and Your Spiritual Journey. Christiana was our featured guest way back on Leftscape Episode 31 when she talked about the difference between thinking magically and magical thinking. This time she’s back to talk about what we can learn from what she has come to know as the Four Cards of Acceptance. LISTEN=>

Food Stories (Episode 112)

food images from Plate Less Ordinary InstagramEmma is a writer, editor, and multimedia storyteller based in the Washington, DC metro area. She is the person behind Plate Less Ordinary, where she shares stories about food, culture, and technology. In a world that prioritizes quantity — see social media algorithms and food porn — Emma chooses quality. In this featured interview, Emma brings to light some of the ways food can be an offering or collaboration to connect people of differing lifestyles and backgrounds. She also gives us some tips for how to think and talk about food in a way that is welcoming rather than othering. Listen to the end for her cookware and food-to-share favorites. LISTEN=>

Talking Race on a Road Trip (Episode 113)

A White Man Walks Into a Barber Shop promo photoKyle Schickner is a writer, director, filmmaker, and activist. He is the driving force behind Fencesitter Films, a film company that focuses on telling stories about people of color, women, and BLGTQ communities. Kyle’s latest film is A White Man Walks Into a Barbershop, a documentary of his cross country road trip focused on having down-to-earth conversations about race and racism. In the featured interview, Kyle speaks with co-hosts Wendy Sheridan and Robin Renée about his journey through Washington, DC, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and other towns and cities across the US. He shares what he learned and why white liberals need to see this film, however uncomfortable it may be. LISTEN=>

Listen back to some of the other shows from our season of ACCEPTANCE featuring: John Leman on leaving Evangelicalism, Caroline Vahrenkamp on coming out as transgender and coping with cancer, Beth Anne Yeager on ecopsychology, and Serell Brown on naturism and founding Nubian Nudist.

Our last show of the season is coming up! Stay tuned for our interview with Pedro Serrano, a gay skinhead with a lot to say about communication among seemingly very different social circles.


Patreon Place

a white envelope releasing red and pink heartsHey patrons, you’ve got mail! We are excited about doing some new online hangouts and want your input so we can create events you love.  Check your email or go to the post on Patreon for the link to the survey. Thanks so much! <3

Our latest We Should Be Recording This posts are “Our Asian Influences” and “The Great Facebook Outage of 2021.” Enjoy!

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