Navigating Pay-to-Play Politics (Episode 118)

Halina BrookeHalina Brooke practices as a therapist in the Phoenix area and can often be found doing advocacy for clients and the therapy professions with like-minded comrades, sometimes while crafting. As a counselor and advocate, she has a passion for supporting clients and clinicians alike in moving past relational ruptures and distressing experiences. We spoke with Halina about a year ago on Episode 97, “Therapy, Activism, and Reclaiming Freedom.” This time she’s back to approach freedom from another angle: How free are we to work within our governmental systems to get bills passed in our legislatures?

In the Ikigai segment, co-hosts Wendy Sheridan and Robin Renée review the five pillars of the Japanese concept according to scientist and author Ken Mogi and focus in on trying to grasp the first principle, “starting small.” This episode’s Three Random Facts involve creativity in the shower, guinea pigs in Switzerland, and glitter in the Garden State. In the News: the Credit Suisse banking leak reveals clients’ serious crimes, Russian aggression toward Ukraine, historians, architects and other specialists in Brussels gather to work on how to decolonize public spaces (including dealing with a statue of the brutal King Leopold II), a woman is cured of HIV, and a wrong word spoken by a priest during baptisms causes a quandary for many. In You Got Questions? We Got Answers!, Robin and Wendy muse over favorite colors.

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Watch “Ken Mogi’s Ikigai Room episode 1. Starting small would keep your inner child alive.”


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