Susan R. Kagan & She-Ra (Episode 73 Redux)

Basic Wiccan Ethics book coverWhile The Leftscape co-hosts take a January break, check out these excerpts from “Wiccan Ethics, Activate! (Episode 73).” Wendy Sheridan speaks with New Orleans author and Third Degree High Priestess Susan R. Kagan about her books, Ruxandra, Granddaughter of Vlad the Impaler and Basic Wiccan Ethics: Avoiding a Perilous Path. The conversation between longtime friends flows into an array of topics including productive procrastination, organizing (in one’s house and in the community), the impending (1st) impeachment, the importance of #VoteBlue, and the folly of being a progressive Puritopian. Then Wendy and Robin Renée enter The Geekscape to discuss the exploration of friendship in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Season 4 (Spoilers abound!).


Things to do:

Read Basic Wiccan Ethics: Avoiding a Perilous Path and Ruxandra by Susan R. Kagan.

Watch She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix.

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