Men Have Feelings, Too. (Episode 41 Redux)

John Tod wanted to create a space for honest, vulnerable conversation among men. What started with one other friend in Fort Wayne, Indiana grew into an every Wednesday safe container where men can talk about their experiences – a space where men who were taught not to express or even acknowledge their feelings can learn how to open up and do some emotional heavy lifting with one another. Listen to this inspiring interview originally posted in “Of Memes and Men (Episode 41)” on how the members of a men’s group can grow together and help bust the myth of the rugged individual.

A brand new podcast will be out next week!

Things to do:

Check out No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover

Explore The ManKind Project

Visit Brené Brown’s website

Watch “The Power of Vulnerability,” a TED Talk by Brené Brown


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  1. […] Later in The Geekscape segment, Wendy and Robin Renée talk about the exploration of friendship in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Season 4. If you haven’t watch it yet and plan to, let this serve as your MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. At the top of the show, the 3 Random Facts explain Vienna’s culture tokens offered for CO2 reduction, give some Valentine’s Day history, and mention the U.S. states and territories that hold caucuses (Iowa, Nevada, North Dakota, Wyoming, Guam, Virgin Islands, and American Samoa). Later in the News segment, there’s the State of the Union, the very much cooler LGBTQ State of the Union by Billy Porter, and the dates of the upcoming Democratic primary elections. Robin and Wendy also talk about their experience attending the PFLAG Queens NYC Annual Awards Reception & Luncheon, where Robin accepted the Brenda Howard Memorial Award for bisexual activism. In a quick Rewind, Robin shares some thoughts by Kevin A. Patterson on “Men Have Feelings, Too (Episode 41 Redux).” […]

  2. […] Facebook Live. Friends and previous podcast guests dropped in including men’s group leader John Tod, “good” fear expert Elisabeth VanderWeil, neurodiversity-focused life coach Anne […]

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