Coming Back To Joy
(Episode 13 Redux)

This week, The Leftscape revisits the featured interview from one of its most popular episodes, “Blossoming (Episode 13).”  Wendy Sheridan visits Worldcon 76 in San Jose, CA in August 2018 and talks with an old friend, Joy Denebiem. The two speak frankly about Joy’s MTF transition, including coming out, physical and brain chemistry changes, and stepping into life as a middle aged woman. It is a freewheeling, educational conversation of the whys and hows of gender confirmation, and Joy’s partner, Cheryl Martin, adds her insight and perspective.

The Leftscape will be back with a brand new show in two weeks. Thanks for listening!

Things to do:

Learn about and support transgender advocacy organizations.

Find out more about Worldcon, the World Science Fiction Convention.

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