FenceSitter Film Festival (Episode 156)

Kyle SchicknerKyle Schickner has been a bisexual activist for the past 30 years. His company, FenceSitter Films makes films that tell the stories of women, people of color, and the LGBTQ communities. Kyle was our guest back in November 2021 on Leftscape Episode 113 when we talked about his film, A White Man Walks Into a Barbershop, a documentary of his cross country road trip focused on having down-to-earth conversations about race and racism. Now he is the director of the upcoming FenceSitter Film Festival which is coming right up, April 18th through the 21st at Bernardsville Cinema in Bernardsville, NJ.

In the Why Is This Awesome? segment, co-hosts Robin Renée and Wendy Sheridan share their excitement about the amazing solar eclipse that crossed North America on April 8, 2024. In a related note, Robin complains about “travel hazing” in This Fortnight I Learned, while Wendy points our the value of writing things down. In the News, there are the SCOTUS and Trump trial roundups, 4/8 conspiracy theories, the next total solar eclipe, the future of Mifepristone, a push for a 32-hour work week, a newly-discovered blue and yellow gecko, and more. Robin nominates Keith Olbermann for Lefty of the Week.

Things to do:

Get your tickets for the 2024 FenceSitter Film Festival, April 18 – 21 in Bernardsville, NJ.

Follow Kyle Schickner on Facebook and the FenceSitter Film Festival on Instagram.

Explore more on the FenceSitter Films website.

Get ready for upcoming eclipses!

Listen to Countdown With Keith Olbermann.

Watch a FenceSitter Film Festival trailer.

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