Money is a Metaphor (Episode 155)

David "Daxe" AxelrodDavid “Daxe” Axelrod is a holistic economist, currently teaching at Montclair State University. He developed and teaches the course “Economics of Time, Mind, and Spirit.” He has also produced over a dozen albums of original music. Creativity, resources, aspirations, limitations, the problems with capitalism and what a society without it might look like all weave into his conversation with co-host Wendy Sheridan. The answers to all the world’s inequality problems may not have been uncovered in this interview, but listen in for some surprising starting points and intriguing questions well worth contemplating.

Before the featured interview, Wendy and Robin head to The Blanket Fort for a personal chat about commitments and ceremonies. In This Fortnight I Learned, Wendy had a family revelation and Robin found out about the Ides of March Coin. In the News: Tammy Murphy leaves the Senate primary, a couple of Trump trial headlines, a right-wing family’s challenges in Russia, Jasmin Paris finishes the Barkley Ultramarathon, SCOTUS oral arguments regarding healthcare for the Arizona Apache tribe and access to mifepristone, and a man changes his name to “Literally Anybody Else” to run for president. At the end of the show, Wendy nominates Heather Cox Richardson as this episode’s Lefty of the Week.

(Please pardon our sound quality… There were some mysterious tech issues this time around.)

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