Saving the Planet With Joy (Episode 160)

Ray Katz, Founder of The SanersRay Katz is a web developer—one of Philadelphia’s first. He has many hobbies including collecting artifacts related to the history of space flight and animation. His passion and most pressing endeavor, however, is to find effective ways of dealing with climate change. To that end, he has created a new and unique movement, The Saners. He is also the host of the 5 Minutes to Save the Earth podcast. Don’t miss his inspired thoughts on how a grassroots environmental movement can learn from past and present brilliance, use a decent dose of humor, and stand up to the status quo with a joyful resistance.

Leftscape co-hosts Wendy Sheridan and Robin Renée begin the show with a bit of a check-in and a shout out to Pride Month before getting into This Fortnight I Learned. Wendy has learned about a once-ubiquitous melody that was composed by Brian Eno and Robin has learned yet another thing about squirrels. In News, Donald Trump is convicted of 34 felony counts, SCOTUS clears the way for Louisiana to use a new congressional map containing two majority-Black districts, Mexico’s first woman president, Claudia Sheinbaum, is elected, Vermont becomes the first state to require oil companies to pay for the impacts of climate change, all four members of ABBA are knighted, and other stories. Earlier in The Earthscape, Robin and Wendy share their favorite workouts. At the end of the show, Robin names climate activist Lauren MacDonald Lefty of the Week

Things to do:

Learn about The Saners and sign up to get involved.

Get inspired by the 5 Minutes to Save the Earth podcast.

Follow Ray Katz and The Saners on X and Medium.

Try working out on a GiBoard.

When was America great? Check out this article for answers.

Check out this creative pride flag creation by Wendy’s daughter, Ariel Sheridan!


Listen to “Uptown Squirrel [update]” on 99% Invisible.


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