Edie Weinstein, Hug Mobster (Episode 36 Redux)

Author, therapist, Cuddle Party facilitator, and touch educator Edie Weinstein talks about her life of choosing joy and helping others do the same. She’s been in the news recently, including this great radio interview on The Why. The Leftscape joins in spreading the good word with this rewind back to Edie’s interview on Episode 36 (February 20, 2019).

Things to do:

Visit Edie Weinstein online at her website, opti-mystical.com and on Facebook.

Read The Bliss Mistress Guide to Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary.

Read “Meet Edie ‘the hug mobster’ Weinstein, who roams Doylestown ‘armed with love‘” in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Listen to our interview with Cuddle Party co-originator, Reid Mihalko.

Listen to Edie’s hug flash mob song, “Give a Little Bit” by Supertramp:


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