A Leftscape 4th of July (Episode 6)

Finding Patriotism in Troubled Times

What is patriotism to you in the time of Trump? Do you celebrate the country’s beauty, abundance, power, or potential? Does the current political climate find you shying away from waving the flag? Wendy Sheridan, Robin Renée, and Mary McGinley work through their thoughts on love of country, aspects of life in the U.S. both positive and painful, and resolve to reclaim the red, white, and blue.

The political news discussion at the top of the show includes the federal court ruling to expedite reuniting children and adult family members who have been separated at the border, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s encroachment on anti-monopoly rules, Disney’s bid to purchase 21st Century Fox, the Janus decision, and the retirement of Justice Kennedy. Mary has an anecdote about how Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ being asked to leave The Red Hen restaurant took on a personal twist for her. Amidst the worrisome news, the black women-powered justice system in Fulton, GA is another good reason to celebrate.

Everyone takes a moment to share about songs that speak to the American experience. Among the favorites are Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man,” The Cowsill’s “Love American Style,” and Steve Forbert’s “The American in Me.” Enjoy the Spotify playlist, “A Leftscape 4th of July – Celebration, Observation, Protest.” Listen, follow, share, and have a very happy and safe holiday!

Robert Reich: Summer Survival Guide for the Trump Era


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