Outrage Fatigue (Episode 7)

Retreating to the Blanket Fort
Emerging with Purpose

What can you do when so much of the news can easily fill you with blinding anger? What happens when the anger becomes all too much? This week, Robin Renée, Mary McGinley, and Wendy Sheridan contemplate outrage fatigue and the never-ending stream that seems designed to wear us down. They consider ways the outrage can be transformed to raw energy and then to positive action – such as focusing on a primary activist issue like reproductive rights, writing to representatives (Wendy has created handy We The People postcards for that), using Resistbot, or starting a podcast. A big question emerges: Will Wendy run for office?

In other news, there is encouragement from the nationwide Families Belong Together protests and recent court orders imposing a greater need for cause in the detention of immigrants and quick reunions of immigrant parents and children who were separated at the border. Wendy speaks of the passing of Harlan Ellison, his beloved writing, and how he elevated science fiction to an art form. Robin remembers Alan Longmuir, co-founder of the Bay City Rollers. Mary recognizes Sarah Eismann for her recent, remarkable feat of Swimming for Shakespeare in order to raise awareness about the Shakespeare Behind Bars program.

PSA: Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke

Heat Exhaustion vs. Heat Stroke illustration


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