The “B” Word (Episode 5)

This episode of The Leftscape was brought to you today by the letter “B.” Mary McGinley, Wendy Sheridan, and Robin Renée discuss the news of the week including Paul Manafort awaiting trial in jail, a Wisconsin gerrymandering case, the devastating separation of families on the U.S. border with Mexico, and the nationwide #FamiliesBelongTogether actions planned for June 30th by Bisexuality is the main topic of the day; Robin talks about controversy and debate within LGBT communities over the word “bisexual” and the 4Chan exploitation of such with #droptheB, Wendy wonders about the possibility of claiming a bi identity within a monogamous marriage, and all discuss the varied understandings of “bisexual,” “pansexual,” and other fluid sexualities. Other points traversed: a birthday shout out to the woman who wrote “Happy Birthday to You,” a chat about “dinosaur” bands on tour, and a very moving reading from They Thought They Were Free by Milton Meyer.

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Bi Women Quarterly, Summer 2018

Ring, Trudy, “Exploring the Umbrella: Bisexuality and Fluidity,” The Advocate, February 11, 2014

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  1. July 1, 2018

    Thank you Robin for remembering my (our) Brenda!
    (BTW NYC Pride March is always on the last Sunday of June – next year June 30th)

    • Robin
      July 2, 2018

      Thank YOU, Larry. And we appreciate knowing the date of next year’s march – It’s on the calendar!

  2. The Leftscape Podcast: ‘The “B” Word (Episode 5)’
    July 2, 2018

    […] McGinley, Wendy Sheridan and Robin Renée cover a lot of ground this week, but the main topic on “The ‘B’ Word” is […]

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