A Need To Survive (Episode 128)

Stacy StaggsFeatured guest Stacy Staggs is a wife and mother to twin girls who are the lights of her life. The girls also live with complex medical needs and disabilities. Since the twins’ birth, Stacy has been advocating for their access to healthcare, public education, and community inclusion. She volunteers across a number of organizations mainly as the Director of Community Engagement for Little Lobbyists and as a Consultant with Long COVID Families. Listen to her compelling stories about family, healthcare activism, her perspective as the democratic process threatened the Affordable Care Act, and the importance for all people, regardless of ability, to live fully engaged lives.

Wendy Sheridan and Robin Renée get the show started with 3 Random Facts about our bacterial inhabitants, anarcho-primitivism, and places called Bristol. In the News: Authorities in Kyiv ban large public events for Ukraine’s 31st anniversary of independence, Michelle O’Bonsawin, an Abenaki member of the Odanak First Nation, is selected for Canada’s Supreme Court, Omicron-specific COVID boosters are on the way, the world’s smallest sea turtle hatchlings are discovered off the coast of New Orleans, and former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison apparently gave himself a few extra cabinet positions. Spoiler Alert: In the Geekscape segment, Wendy geeks out on The Sandman.

Things to do:

You Got Questions? We Got Answers! Serious or silly, send ’em to Wendy and Robin here.

Learn more about Little Lobbyists and Long COVID Families.

Read “What to Know About Long COVID in Kids” in TIME Magazine. The article includes information about a pacing guide created in partnership between Long COVID Families and ME Action.

Watch The Sandman.

Do The Bristol Stomp!

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  1. Mary-Louise ('Marlo")
    September 7, 2022

    Dear Renee,
    I certainly got a lot out of your Interview with Stacy Skaggs.

    Thank You for Sharing it with me. I definitely can relate.

    My 24 Year Old Son is my World and I’ve been his Advocate from the beginning in 2001(when he turned Three).

    I was encouraged by what she had to say and I also Learned a lot.

    I’ve wanted my Son to be Treated with Dignity and Respect when it comes to his Disability.

    The Fact of the Matter is he hasn’t always been Treated with Dignity and Respect.

    He had Teachers that said to him that he wouldn’t
    amount to anything (between Sixth Grade and High School).

    He’s certainly shown them and a lot of other People that he can do anything that anyone else can.

    The International Fire Buff Association reached out to him last September and they asked him to be a Member of their Group.

    He spent Ten Days in Boston (in June)and was the Star Of The Convention. He attended the Convention for the First Time.

    He’s been a Fire Buff for Eleven Years.

    He began hanging out with the Derby, Kansas Fire Rescue (when he was Five Years Old).

    The Firefighter’s are Terrific Role Models for him.

    They’ve been there for him when his Absent Father hasn’t been.

    He has his own Facebook Page (Central Kansas Emergency Photography) and YouTube Channel (Central Kansas Emergency Photography).

    He’s told me that I’ve raised him Right and I’m so Proud of him.

    We’re been through a lot and still have a long way to go.

    I’m looking into joining the Little Lobbyist.

    Your Podcast is Terrific!!!!
    Keep Up The GREAT Work!!!!
    Marlo Madison

  2. Robin Renee
    September 9, 2022

    Hi Marlo,

    Thank you so, so much for your message. We are always happy to hear that a featured interview has had a positive effect on someone and I am especially glad that listening to Stacy’s story may prompt you toward action like joining Little Lobbyists!

    I am very sorry to hear that teachers would have given your son such discouraging feedback and am certainly glad to hear he has other strong role models that keep showing him otherwise. I will definitely check out his Facebook and YouTube.

    Thanks again and keep fighting the good fight in Kansas! <3


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