Permit Patty Problems (Episode 8)

As uncool as it is when cell phones are the instruments used to call the authorities on unsuspecting black people sleeping, mowing the lawn, or having a barbecue, it is at least a bit heartening that they are also being used to record the altercations for the world to see. Robin Renée shares insight into the everyday perils of living while black, and recalls recording for a previous podcast just after being stopped by police. Wendy Sheridan and Mary McGinley join the political discussion with observations and thoughts on the current barrage of stories of the trouble caused by the likes of Permit Patty, BBQ Becky, ID Adam, and others. Mentioned in the mix is The Nation article, “The Social Shaming of Racists is Working.”

Other news includes the disruption of the Pride in London march by anti-trans lesbians, and all send healing energy out to Elvis Costello as he rests and recovers from cancer surgery. As longtime entrepreneurs who have been trying to survive and thrive since before the naming of “the gig economy,” Wendy, Robin, and Mary highlight National Independent Retailers Week among the list of featured offbeat holidays.

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