Neon Blessings, Beautiful Wounds (Episode 78)

Rich Orloff on Psychedelics, Writing, and New York City in the Time of COVID-19

Rich Orloff at Sarasota GalleryPlaywright Rich Orloff is the author of 18 full-length plays (most comedies, mostly award-winning) and over 80 short plays, which have received 2,000 productions on six continents – and a staged reading on Antarctica. His lifelong journey of inquiry, growth, and humor is reflected in his work, but an exploration of psychedelic-assisted underground therapy in recent years led to a deepening of perception and unexpected spirituality as well as to his autobiographical monologue, It’s A Beautiful Wound. In this conversation with Robin Renée, Orloff reads an excerpt and describes the ways guided experiences with psychedelics have helped him with moving through and beyond trauma. As a New York City resident, he also shares about life at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are less than comfortable with the scatological, you may find the beginning of this episode’s banter between Robin and Wendy Sheridan to be a bit TMI. Poop talk abounds in the 3 Random Facts and the News segment! Facts include Wendy Sheridan’s cat Groot’s taste for elastic and a less obvious reason for the toilet paper shortage. There is also a major ’70s throwback with some info on the coolness of Will Geer (aka Grandpa Walton). Hair dye panic buying is in the news along with the disturbing trend of the government seizing PPE and other supplies from states that purchase them. Later in Why Is This Awesome?, Wendy reads from the profound essay, “Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting*.”

Corrections: At the beginning of the show, Wendy says there are 139 days until Election Day. We actually have a little more time — 202 days. Near the end of the show, Robin mentions Pete Seeger but meant Woody Guthrie. Duh.

Things to do:

Learn more about Rich Orloff and It’s a Beautiful Wound.

Read Rich Orloff’s comedy, The Whole Shebang.

Read “Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting*” by Julio Vincent Gambuto.

Order masks on the wendycards Facebook page, which helps pay for others that are donated to essential workers and health care professionals.

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