Gary Wilson: Full Interview, June 3, 2019, San Diego, CA (Episode 51 Bonus)

Bonus post! Listen to the full conversation Gary Wilson had with Robin Renée on June 3, 2019 in San Diego. In addition to the thoughts shared in the edited version in “The Endicott Dreams of Gary Wilson (Episode 51),” hear Gary on gigging with Todd Rundgren, working in Woodstock, NY, his concerns about life on the road, and more. Enjoy!

Read Robin Renée’s interviews and articles on Gary Wilson:

“From out of an Endicott, New York basement in 1977 came a brilliantly insane record almost no one heard. A short run self-released LP, Gary Wilson’s You Think You Really Know Me featured titles like “Chromium Bitch” and the enigmatic “6.4 = Make Out.” Copies were passed hand-to-hand and dorm room to dorm room, and it became a strange-beyond-words underground classic. Luckily for long-time adherents and those new to the Gary Wilson phenomenon, there is renewed interest in his avant garde work.” – Read more at

“With this fantastic journey through a surreal night of the soul, we can dare dip our toes into the waters of temporary insanity, into a state of crying out unfiltered for love, loss, hope, and wanting. To grow to truly love the music of Gary Wilson is to have the meta experience of obsession with obsession.” – Read more at Biff Bam Pop!

“I will say that I’ve described various aspects of Gary with the terms “outsider rock groove,” “obsessive teenager in love,” “punk-influenced,”  “maniacal repetition,” and “Steely Dan with a Love Unlimited Orchestra attitude.”  All those still hold, and don’t even begin to cover it.” – Read more at The Dream Between


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