Ask the Bi Guy, Kel Monroe! (Episode 52)

In this episode, The Leftscape welcomes writer and activist, Kel Monroe. Ask The Bi Guy, Kel’s latest endeavor, puts his skills and knowledge toward assisting those who could use a boost in the world of dating. From creating classes to helping rewrite online profiles to one-on-one coaching, the Ask the Bi Guy project is gearing up to help people make higher quality connections. Spoiler alert: This creative, bisexual man with the lived experience of successful dating and authentic relating has a secret mission. It’s to reframe old scripts around dating and masculinity, dispel myths, and by facilitating better communication and more fulfillment, make the world a better place.

Nonbinary graphic - umbrella termsThe News begins with a few show-related and personal notes. Robin Renée, Mary McGinley, and Wendy Sheridan welcome new listeners who connected with The Leftscape on International Nonbinary Day. Wendy shares about her new mandalas on Etsy and Instagram. Robin describes an upsetting event on the beach. The national news is an exercise in overwhelm and outrage fatigue with racist tweets against “The Squad,” a proclamation honoring an early KKK leader, migrant detentions, the Jeffrey Epstein case, and too much more. A bright spot is the inspirational talent and forthrightness of Megan Rapinoe and the U.S. women’s soccer team.

In the Blanket Fort segment, Mary shares enthusiastically about the healing experiences she has through dancing to music that evokes the elements. Other reasons to celebrate include National New Jersey Day and National Love is Kind Day (July 27th), Whistleblower’s Day (July 30th), Lughnasadh/Lammas and National Minority Donor Awareness Day (August 1st), National Coloring Book Day (August 2nd), and National Underwear Day (August 5th). August is International Peace Month, Water Quality Month, Happiness Happens Month, Black Business Month, and Back to School Month. Birthday salutations go out to Amelia Earhart, Jennifer Lopez, Bindi Irwin, Iman, Scott Mathews, Mick Jagger, Helen Mirren, Jerry Casale, Soulja Boy, J.K. Rowling, and Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Things to do:

Connect with Kel Monroe on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Learn more about the Bisexual Resource Center.

Get Wendy Sheridan’s Postcards Against Fascism and Asylum Seekers Postcards.

Get Wendy’s coloring book, Harlequin and Other Fantasies to celebrate Coloring Book Day.

Download Robin Renée’s All Six Senses album.

Dance the Elements with a playlist by Mary McGinley:

**If you are in an abusive relationship or think you may be, you are not alone and there is help.**


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