A Balance of Intensity (Episode 76)

Health Coach Julio Cortés With Tips on Staying Well — Just When We Need Them Most

Julio CortésJulio Cortés, of Mind and Body 360, is a health coach and consultant who helps clients create the life they desire by evaluating and balancing key areas including stress levels, fuel, sleep, movement, and recovery. He draws from having studied with numerous health and wellness experts, extensive martial arts training, and his time spent training others in a corporate environment in Japan. As a longtime activist, he is particularly interested in helping others engaged in activism to maintain their energy and wellbeing. Though this interview was recorded before the scope of the coronavirus pandemic was in full view, the conversation is apropos as we try to keep up our health and spirits worldwide.

Co-hosts Wendy Sheridan, Robin Renée, and Mary McGinley open the show with Three Random Facts and the News. Not much news feels relevant beyond coronavirus and the social distancing necessary to slow its spread. The Peace Corp has suspended activities and Donald Trump offered a large sum to Germany to secure exclusive access to a vaccine for the United States. The mood lightens a little with the mention of “wonder plant” seedlings being planted in Wales. The random facts celebrate National Awkward Moments Day, National Introverts Week, and marvel at a Smurf rally in Landerneau, France. Later in The Blanket Fort, Mary, Wendy, and Robin hide out from coronavirus and talk about getting oriented toward working from home. There is much more to the complete conversation, which is available for free on the Leftscape Patreon page.

Things to do:

Wash your hands, stay safe, help keep others safe, and shelter in place if needed.

If you are in New Jersey, stay aware by visiting the NJ Department of Health COVID-19 Dashboard.

Stay aware via the World Health Organization.

Watch Julio Cortés’ video, “Eat that frog!”

Read The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

Relax with the Good News Network.

Watch “World record-breaking Smurf gathering takes place in France“:

*No one who appears in this episode is a doctor and opinions expressed do not constitute medical advice. If you have questions or concerns regarding your health, consult a medical professional.

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