Weird Contest 2018 Winners!

We held a contest in August for Weird Contest Month. The contest was to write a limerick about the GOP. We received 52 entries! We are overwhelmed with gratitude, and laughter. They were all wonderful, but there could only be three winners. We read them in Episode 15. Here they are!

Broken Humorous

In diplomacy, Trump is a klutz.
With his tweets, he sounds just plain nuts.
It sure would be great,
if he’d just abdicate,
and retire to play with his putts.

Broken Humorous on Facebook

Jay Dobkin

From across the pond, writing in verse,
I admit Brits have reason to curse.
But despite how complex it
is dealing with Brexit,
over here we have Trump, which is worse.

Jay Dobkin on Twitter

David Sklar

Awaiting the other shoe’s clomp,
the President clings to his pomp
and insists, “You misheard
a critical word:
What I said was that I’d TRAIN the swamp.”

David Sklar on Twitter


We will post the runners-up and the other entries over the next few weeks.

Thank you to all who entered!

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