The “F” Word (Episode 12)

Finding a Feminism for All Ages

This week, Mary McGinley, Wendy Sheridan, and Robin Renée discuss the state of present-day feminism. Can feminists of differing ages and cultures understand one another? Where are the disconnects? What can we learn from each other? Who tends to shy away from identifying with the “f” word, and who embraces it? Mary begins the conversation by expressing dismay about a meeting she attended where older feminists waxed poetic about having marched with Dr. King while younger feminists griped about the group’s website and branding. Wendy remembers being raised by a feminist and how her own choices followed suit. Robin says that a good deal of the misunderstanding between feminists stems from some embracing intersectional and sex-positive feminism while others do not. Listeners are invited to send their ideas about how older feminists can make their organizations more welcoming to younger women, along with other thoughts on the topic.

In this week’s news, Mary, Wendy, and Robin talk about the rhetorical slide from “No collusion” to “Collusion is not illegal.” They wonder if disagreement shown by those close to the president is based in any promising reality, such as Melania Trump’s recent statement in support of LeBron James and his I Promise School. Later, they chat about who among them is a fan of their own voice and who is not, language pet peeves, and gender divides in regard to language use and power.

Celebrations and anniversaries of note include Motorcycle Week, Relaxation Day, Naga Panchami, the anniversary of Woodstock, the 1998 bombing in Omagh during The Troubles of Northern Ireland, and Resurrect Romance Week (Consider exploring the work of Wendy’s mother, award-winning Regency Romance author, Elizabeth Mansfield.).

*** It’s also Weird Contest Week, so The Leftscape is having a weird contest! Write a limerick for us about the GOP and post it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or all three. Tag us @leftscape and use the hashtag #leftscape. The contest ends at midnight, August 31, 2018. We’ll read our favorites on the show and we’ll send the winner(s) some weird prizes. Make us laugh and let your weird flag fly! Are you game? ***

The Leftscape is taking a week off, so there will be no show on August 22nd. Stay tuned for our next episode on Wednesday, August 29th… and send us those limericks!

*This episode is sponsored by Harlequin and Other Fantasies, Meditative Coloring for Grown Ups. Use coupon code LEFTSCAPE at checkout for free shipping! (Offer good for the month of August 2018).

Addendum: In this episode, Robin relays a story about a woman who moved a superhero shirt to the girls’ section in Target. She actually moved “a bunch of NASA tank tops,” but the act was inspired by the Wonder Woman movie.



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