Blossoming (Episode 13)

The Leftscape is back after a week away, which allowed time for Wendy Sheridan to attend WorldCon 76 in San Jose, CA. Wendy brings us news on the women’s sweep of the Hugo Awards given by the World Science Fiction Society, plus a protest outside the convention. This episode’s feature is Wendy’s interview with Joy Denebiem, who tells a wonderfully freewheeling and personal account of her gender transition at the age of 58, with great insight from her partner, Cheryl Martin. The blossoming that Joy has experienced through her journey to gender confirmation is audible and a truly enjoyable, educational listen.

Mary McGinley reminds us that while we’re living it up to get the most from the end of summer, we should remember the meaning of Labor Day – to celebrate workers and labor unions – and to remember the reasonable working conditions that many of us enjoy as a result of union organizing. Robin Renée shares a sound bite of a street action she, Anne Sabagh, and friends staged on the day of the Unite the Right 2 rally. News includes the Scottish efforts to correct the historical record on John A. MacDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada, prison labor strikes in the U.S. and beyond, and the continuing sagas of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. In addition to Labor Day, it’s time to celebrate or recognize Safe At Home Week, International Day Against Nuclear Tests, International Day of the Disappeared (August 30th), and Krishna Janmashtami (September 2nd).

August 29th birthday shout outs go to Michael Jackson, notorious punk rocker GG Allin, and most especially to the late Glenn Walker, who was a pop culture writer at Biff Bam Pop!, co-host of the GAR! Podcast, the French Fry Diary guy, a friend, and a fan of Robin, Mary, and Wendy’s previous podcast adventures.

Next week’s show will feature Mary’s interview with Peggy Farrelly of NOW.

*** The Leftscape’s weird contest is still on! Write a limerick for us about the GOP and post it to TwitterFacebookInstagram, or all three. Tag us @leftscape and use the hashtag #leftscape. The contest ends at midnight, August 31, 2018. We’ll read our favorites on the show and we’ll send the winner(s) some weird prizes. Make us laugh and let your weird flag fly! ***

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(L to R) Cheryl Martin, Joy Denebeim, and Wendy Sheridan at Worldcon76 in San Jose, CA, August 2018
(L to R) Cheryl Martin, Joy Denebeim, and Wendy Sheridan at Worldcon76 in San Jose, CA, 8/2018
Protest in Fairfax August 12, 2018
Counterdemonstration in Fairfax, VA 8/12/2018

The protest at Worldcon (more police than protestors)
The protest at Worldcon (more police than protestors)









Things we learned since Episode 12: The official symbol of medicine is not the caduceus, but the Rod of Asclepius. “Robert’s Reich’s Rules for 2018” have been incorrectly attributed. Robert Reich has stated that he thinks the post does have some good advice, but that he did not write it.


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