Our First Year!
(Episode 48)

Happy Birthday to us! The Leftscape premiered on May 30, 2018, so in this episode the co-hosts celebrate a year of exploring “the shape of progressive conversation” and podcasting together. From fun with mythbusting, being introduced to the new She-Ra, and memorable conversations with guests, Mary McGinley, Wendy Sheridan, and Robin Renée run down some of their favorite episodes. What have been some of your favorite moments from the first year of The Leftscape? Listen to some back episodes and get in touch with your appreciations, comments, and ideas for the future.

June is Pride Month, and events will abound around the country. World Pride will be in New York City in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. See the “Things to do” below for more Pride info. Birthday remembrances and shout outs go to JFK, Bob Hope, CeeLo Green, Mel Blanc, Morgan Freeman, Rafael Nadal, and Steve Vai.

Unfortunately, the news is not all celebration. Extreme abortion bans are cropping up around the country. Robin, Wendy, and Mary talk about how best to turn the trend around. What would effective “taking to the streets” look like? Not nearly so consequential but in the sad category go the recent farewells to Doris Day, Tim Conway, and Grumpy Cat. A bit of good news is that the CES Innovation Award that had been taken away from Lora DiCarlo for the Osé, a hands-free personal massager, has been restored. Will a Go Fund Me campaign for sex toy reviews be a new project for The Leftscape? We shall see!

Things to do:

Philly Bi Visibility Pride 2019Check heritageofpride.org for World Pride NYC/Stonewall 50 events.

Go to New Jersey’s 28th Annual LGBTQ Pride Celebration, Sunday, June 2nd, Asbury Park

Go to Philadelphia’s Pride Parade and Festival on Sunday, June 9th. Robin will be marching with Philly Bi Visibility. Feel free to join – Meet at 13th & Spruce, 10:15am – The more the merrier!

Learn about The 3% Solution.

Read Maus.


Featured birthday photo by Amponsah Nii Davidson from Pexels.

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