No Art for Art’s Sake (Episode 151)

John Oliver MasonJohn Oliver Mason is a freelance writer and has written for newspapers in the Philadelphia area for thirty years, covering such community-based events as town watches, school boards, community associations, Labor issues, and demonstrations. He has written for magazines and blogs as well and he is an advocate who specializes in writing about people in the community who are empowering themselves to make their communities better. He is a poet who has broken into fiction with his novel, Soldier of the Cross. He is a media consultant and a longtime community and labor activist. In this interview, he reveals his current projects and elucidates his dedication to political relevance and authenticity.

Co-hosts Robin Renée and Wendy Sheridan make a rare in-person recording for this show. In This Fortnight I Learned, Wendy has info on the blue whale’s heartbeat and Robin has happy pet news from the homefront. In the News: a cease fire and hostage release in the Israel-Hamas War, shrinking GOP donations, George Santos’ rant-a-thon, Hall v. Oates, the latest on the Trump gag order in the New York civil case, and the winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photo Contest. Robin is psyched about the season’s concerts in Why Is This Awesome!?.

Things to do:

Visit John Oliver Mason’s website. Follow him on Facebook and X/Twitter.

Read Soldier of the Cross by John Oliver Mason.

Follow Robin Renée/DJ Andrew Genus on Mixcloud. Listen to “What’s New What’s Live” and “A Nick Lowe Show.



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