Hello, Ostara!
(Episode 40)

Robin Renée, Mary McGinley, and Wendy Sheridan are happy to welcome springtime! This episode’s conversation centers around the spring equinox and the various ways of celebrating the corresponding Pagan holiday of Ostara. For some, it is a time of clearing out and making room for the new. For some, it is a time for planting literal or figurative seeds.

A new segment, The Blanket Fort, is introduced later in the show. The Blanket Fort will feature things that foster comfort, healing, and relaxation – ways of finding peace in a chaotic world. In keeping with the week’s theme, Wendy, Mary, and Robin talk about their comfort foods of the season. Who loves chocolate? Who loves matzoh? Who loves nutless charoset? Find out everyone’s favorites at this point on the wheel of the year and comment with your seasonal traditions!

Other reasons for honoring, celebration, and activism: The Week of Solidarity With Peoples Struggling Against Racism and Racial Discrimination, National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (March 20th), National Goof Off Day (March 22nd), and National Tolkien Reading Day (March 25th). Birthdays this week include Fred Rogers, Spike Lee, Ruby Rose, Chaka Khan, Harry Houdini, Nena, Aretha Franklin, Nancy Pelosi, and a trifeca of birthdays for Star Trek fans to enjoy. Even the news took on a somewhat celebratory tone as Grace Slick licensed a song to Chik-fil-A to send the money to Lambda Legal, Arkansas Sen. Stephanie Flowers made an impassioned speech to stop a stand-your-ground law, and metalheads with kazoos got the best of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Things to do:

Enjoy the Ostara song by Wendy’s band, Music for the Goddess, that plays at the end of the episode –  “The Ram and the Lamb” from the album Dancing with Hecate.

Watch Arkansas Senator Stephanie Flowers’ amazing speech:


Revisit Episode 21, and watch the Harry Houdini trick, “Metamorphosis,” performed by his brother, Hardeen.

Featured Image: Robin’s coleus grown from seed, Ostara 2015.

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