Celebrating Bisexual+ Identities with Robyn Ochs, part 2 (Episode 57)

Robyn Ochs in KnoxvilleThis episode features part two of a conversation with activist, writer, and speaker Robyn Ochs in honor of Bisexual Awareness Month. Part one is featured in last week’s episode. Robyn is known worldwide for her work on LGBTQ issues with a focus on bisexual+ identities. She is the editor of two anthologies: the 42-country collection Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World (with co-editor Sarah Rowley) and RECOGNIZE: The Voices of Bisexual Men (with co-editor H. Sharif Williams). She also edits the Bi Women Quarterly, which will soon begin its 38th year of publication. This time the conversation addresses shifting perspectives about labels (the word “heterosexible” is accidentally invented), gathering the diverse voices included in the RECOGNIZE anthology, and ways to be a good ally to bisexual+ people. Later, for Podcast Appreciation Month, co-hosts Mary McGinley, Wendy Sheridan, and Robin Renée talk up their favorites.

The friendly feature conversation raises the mood from the week’s News segment, which includes major cases reaching the Supreme Court on October 8th regarding whether Title VII protects LGBTQ+ people, an ICE training facility, and the loss of rock musicians Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek. Notable days mentioned at the top of the show: National Women’s Health & Fitness Day (September 25th), National Shamu the Whale Day (September 26th), Drink Beer Day, Save Your Photos Day, and National Public Lands Day (September 28th), and National Love People Day (September 30th). Birthday shout outs go to Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, Will Smith, Mark Hamill, Barbara Walters,Ronnie Barker, Olivia Newton-John, Serena Williams, Brigitte Bardot, Halsey, Elie Weisel, T-Pain, and Jimmy Carter.

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