Revoked! (Episode 24)

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In Episode 24, Wendy Sheridan talks about a renewed sense of vulnerability and feeling that as a Jewish person her “provisional white card has been revoked” after the recent massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. It is a newly deepening awareness of a very old danger at work in the world. Wendy along with Robin Renée and Mary McGinley think out loud about the ingrained white supremacy and patriarchy in American society and how we might work to create change. They challenge themselves and others to find ways to erode anti-Semitism, racism, patriarchy and homophobia in everyday life in whatever ways possible.


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Later, the conversation shifts to a feminist discussion of the 1966 Neil Simon musical and 1969 film Sweet Charity starring Shirley MacLaine with choreography by Bob Fosse. They take a look at its subject and subtext, style, shortcomings, and powerful depiction of female rage. At the top of the show, designated days, weeks, and months include COPD and PPSI (Pharmacists Planning Services Inc.) and AIDS Awareness Months, Fraud Awareness Week, Nurse Practitioner Week, Kindness Week, Dear Santa Letter Week, Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week, and Spicy Guacamole Day. Thursday is National Clean out Your Refrigerator Day. On this day in history, Moby Dick was published in 1851, in 1968 Yale University went co-ed, and in 1969 Apollo 12 launched en route to the moon with crew Commander Charles Conrad Jr, Richard F. Gordon Jr, and Alan L. Bean (Wendy met Alan Bean at space camp and Robin named a dog after Charles “Pete” Conrad.). It is the birthday of Edward White, Claude Monet, Aaron Copeland, McLean Stevenson, Patrick Warburton, Yanni, Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt, and Rev. Run of Run DMC.


Things to do:

Listen to the podcast Robin mentioned on the decreased commitment to democracy among young people and possible ways to re-energize interest in civic participation: Radiolab: “Tweak the Vote”

Watch “Big Spender” from Sweet Charity








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