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We are still enjoying the limericks that were sent in to us in August in honor of Weird Contest Month! There were so many good ones, so we each wanted to highlight a few more. As I re-read these verses, I become even more aware of the volume and velocity of the news. A topical poem in August can feel like ancient history by early October. I am grateful for the opportunity to take a humor break now and then in the midst of the political torrent.

Madeleine Begun Kane (“Mad Kane”) sent us a lot of limericks to choose from. She is a widely-published humorist and political satirist and it was great to read her quips on life in these Trumpian times. Here’s one I think is fun, and quite to-the point:

Orrin Hatch seems a dignified chap,
But he’s really a Party-first sap.
His virtue is feigned,
His deceit unrestrained.
A Trump lapdog, the man’s full of crap.

There’s bonus humor for me, because every time I get to the last line, I hear this:


Check out Madeleine Begun Kane’s humor site at

Jay Dobkin keeps a wonderfully busy presence on Twitter with “politics, limericks, anarchism, pacifism… [and] photos of Central Park.” This entry reminded me immediately of the playful brilliance of poets Shel Silverstein and Ogden Nash:

Donald Trump says “I’ve dumped Agent Strzok!
My opponents have run out of lzok!”
But because he colluded
When Putin intruded
Trump’s going to jail, the dumb fzok.

And then there was my fangirl “Squee!!” when we received a limerick from the awesome women of the Mueller, She Wrote podcast. Mueller, She Wrote is a weekly podcast presented by Jordan Coburn, Jaleesa Johnson, and anonymous host, AG. They aim to “simplify the absurd amount of Mueller news and wrap it up into informative, hilarious bites. MSW is committed to separating the facts from conjecture with just the right amount of snark.” Special thanks to MSW for this one:

When I log on to Facebook and @Twitter
My feelings toward memes become bitter
Republicans yammer
With terrible grammar
& spelling? They need a pinch hitter.

Thanks to all for the laughs!



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