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In this first episode, co-hosts Wendy Sheridan, Mary McGinley, and Robin Renée introduce themselves and talk about how their lives have changed since November 2016. Through the stress, trauma, coping, and stages of healing, they coalesce around an inspiration toward greater activism. Robin and Wendy share their impressions of the David Bowie is exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. They each share their first Bowie experiences, and Robin unboxes the David Bowie Tarot.

Tune in next week for “Live from NJ Pride!” If you’re going to be at New Jersey’s 27th Annual LGBTQ Pride Celebration in Asbury Park, NJ, look for us – We’d love to talk to you!

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  1. […] of Robin’s) called out middle-class privilege in assumptions made about online activism in Episode 1. Wendy Sheridan takes the lead in acknowledging the work that is needed to recognize privilege and […]

  2. […] 8th) is the birthday of David Bowie, so what better time to listen back to an excerpt of “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Episode 1)” from May 30, 2018. Wendy Sheridan, Mary McGinley, and Robin Renée talk about their first […]

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