9/11: Looking Back, Moving Forward (Episode 55)

Mary McGinley, Wendy Sheridan, and Robin Renée are back from their end-of-summer vacation. On the 18th anniversary of 9/11, they return from a relaxing time away to some very serious topics. Each share their memories of the shock of September 11, 2001, how they dealt with it spiritually and emotionally, and how they experienced the world around them in response to the attacks. The conversation segues into the originally intended topic, gun control: What are the gun laws in your state? Can we not only mourn the losses to gun violence, but also affect change? Which norms are changing? Could a shift in our cultural story make a difference? Have you participated in gun control activism?

In the News, Wendy describes coming out of her blanket fort only to be bombarded with the madness, including the latest on Brexit, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson finding himself in the minority (He may be out in a Scaramucci or two.), and confusing British politics in general. In other news, the American president is the self-appointed Chosen One, parodied expertly by Randy Rainbow, and poor Moscow Mitch doesn’t like his hashtag. Later, Wendy lets us in on one of her vacation pastimes and gives her impressions of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Mary preferred watching the more peaceful, less eventful Travels by Narrowboat.

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, Preparedness Month, International Update Your Resume Month, Courtesy Month, Piano Month, Save Your Photos Month, Self-Care Month, and Self-Improvement Month. The array of foods celebrated for the entire month include whole grains, honey, mushrooms, chicken, Italian cheese, papaya, potato, rice, and the strangely specific blueberry popsicles. Days to celebrate include Patriot Day and Make Your Bed Day (September 11th), Video Games Day (September 12th), Uncle Sam Day and National Blame Someone Else Day (September 13th), Eat a Hoagie Day, National Sober Day (September 14th), National Step Family Day, Play-Doh Day, and Working Parents Day (September 16th), Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (September 19th). Birthday honorees this week include Ludacris, Harry Connick Jr, Moby, Farrah Moan, Stanislaw Lem, Jennifer Hudson, Neil Peart, Roald Dahl, Amy Poehler, and others.


Things to Do:

Get information and resources for suicide prevention: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

View the List of Mass Shootings in the United States in 2019

Read “Why Americans won’t give up their guns” by Gary Younge in The Guardian

Listen to “Tuesday’s Lament” from Dancing with Hecate by Music for the Goddess

Watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance trailer


Watch “Cheeto Christ Stupid-Czar” by Randy Rainbow


See Randy Rainbow on November 1st at The State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ




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